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News from USA Today

Across America, clean energy plants are being banned faster than they're being built

Across America’s power grid, there’s a growing gap between what we need and what we’ll allow.

As the planet warms and climate disasters grow more costly, the U.S. has set a target to reach 100% clean energy by 2035, a goal that depends on building large-scale solar and wind power. 

A nationwide analysis by USA TODAY shows local governments are banning green energy faster than they’re building it. 

News from NewsData LLC - Cal. Energy Markets

Tribe, Wind Developer Plan 60-MW Offshore Wind Farm Near Vandenberg

Floventis Energy and the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians on Nov. 8 signed a community benefits agreement for a floating wind farm that is expected to be operational years before deployment of California's larger-scale wind projects in the Morro Bay and Humboldt federal lease areas.

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State Lands Commission Advances Offshore Wind Demonstration Project

The California Wind Energy Association (澳门百老汇网站网址) today praised the State Lands Commission for advancing two proposed offshore wind demonstration projects near Vandenberg Air Force Base.  “This decision is an important step forward to make floating offshore wind a reality for California,” said Nancy Rader, Executive Director of 澳门百老汇网站网址. 

News from ReNews

澳门百老汇网站网址 Members Advance in UK Floating Offshore Technology Demonstration Program

Congratulations to 澳门百老汇网站网址 members Cierco and SBM Offshore for "demonstrating the technical competence, delivery capability and technological innovation" necessary to proceed in The Crown Estate's test and demonstration leasing program for floating offshore wind technologies. Given these companies' engagement in California offshore wind, California stands to benefit from this important experience. (The Crown Estate manages land assets in the United Kingdom.)

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澳门百老汇网站网址 Issues Letter to Biden Administration re Proposed DRECP Amendments

In a letter to Biden Administration officials, 澳门百老汇网站网址 explains why the proposed amendments to the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), issued in the final days of the Trump Administration, are potentially consistent with President Biden's Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis.  The DRECP resulted in completely shutting down wind energy development in vast California federal lands, and a course correction is needed to enable the wind energy development that was envisioned by the plan.